Blast Master Advantages

The following are just a few more advantages of using Blast Masters for your Soda Blasting needs:

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  • We have over 35 years of restoration experience and can make suggestions on your project
  • We are conveniently located in West Palm Beach, Florida just off of I-95 and Blue Heron Boulevard
  • We use 100% pure commercial grade baking soda. No flow additives, no contaminates.
  • We offer Powder Coating with fast turn around times and no color change fees
  • We offer priming services to eliminate the chance of flash rust on parts that have been media blasted
  • We offer Mobile Service in areas favorable to this type of operation for projects such as fire restoration, concrete cleaning, construction or brick paver cleaning.
  • We offer a 1 to 2 day turn around for most jobs.
  • We work off of scheduled appointments, no waiting for weeks or months to complete the project.
  • We offer while you wait service for our out of town customers. Under normal conditions, if you have a car available to us at 8:00am, we will have it ready for you that afternoon. If it requires more time spent throughout the night, it will be ready the following day. No second trips necessary.
  • We can successfully strip CORVETTES & FIBERGLASS.
  •  We offer MEDIA BLASTING on jobs which require a stronger abrasive such as RUST REMOVAL. 
  • We carry HoldTight 102 and supply this product with each Soda Blasting job. All Soda Blasting jobs require a pressure washing and neutralization procedure before applying any coatings. The use of HoldTight 102 provides very impressive results for this procedure. Check out some of the advantages below:
  • HoldTight 102 will delay flash rusting for a period of 48 to 96 hours, allowing ample time to apply primer or coating of your choice.

  • HoldTight 102 will increase primer adhesion by up to 70%.

  • The use of HoldTight 102 leaves no coating or residue; it leaves just CLEAN metal.

  • HoldTight 102 is approved by most major paint manufacturers. Check their web site for a list and for more detailed information. www.HoldTight.com


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