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Media Blasting for Rust Removal

Soda blasting is great for many uses but just isn't abrasive enough to remove rust. Many times we will soda blast a vehicle and will find undetected rust that is left behind that still needs to be addressed. We then will touch up the rusty areas with a fine media that is just abrasive enough to bring back the white metal but not aggressve enough to harm the substrate. 

A vehicle that comes to us with a lot of rust, even if it is just surface rust, we will recommend using media on the entire surface.

While baking soda blasting gives a much larger window before flash rust occurs, media blasting requires priming within hours of stripping. For this reason we will coordinate with your body shop so that the vehicle gets to them the same day. If this cannot be accomplished then we will offer our priming services.


Professional Soda and Media Blasting by Blast Masters
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